Possible Bag

This brain tanned elk bag has 19 1/2 sq. inches of hand sewn porquipine quills in red and blue on the front of the bag. Fringes are finished with brass beads and cones. 
Bag measures 14" x 6 1/2"


       Small Possible Bag

   Brain tanned deer bag with two 
   rows of teal, yellow, and orange           quillwork. Bag measures 5 1/2 x 7       including fringe.

Brain Tanned Bags

Small brain tanned bags. Assorted shapes and 
Quillwork designs.

Price..........$20.00 ea
Wrapped Quill Hatbands
Custom designs and widths available. 

Three strips.....$85.00
Wrapped Quill Bracelets
Quills are wrapped around rawhide strips and sewed on to a buckskin backing. Assorted designs available. Length approximatly 6 1/2-7"

One strip.....$25.00
Two strips...$23.00
Three strips.$40.00
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Little Sunrise has been doing quill work for over  twenty years. She has done alot of research, visiting museums and studying Native American History. Because Quill work is becoming a lost art , Little Sunrise is always willing to teach or help anyone interested in learning.

Welcome to Quillwork by Little Sunrise.
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