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Ladies Apparel    Pre-1840 period clothing
Ladies Apparel
We make our ladies garments all sizes and colors. We use 100% cotton, wool and satin.
Call or email us with your  custom orders for all your Rendezvous needs.
Teri  308-920-0460
Lois 308-920-1381
18th century calico skirt and vest over a short sleeve chemise.
The chemise is white cotton,with draw string neck and sleeves.
The vest has button holes and is laced with ribbon.
The skirt has a draw string waist , slits on both sides to access pockets.
18th century dresswith under skirt of  contrasting color.worn over a long sleeve muslin chemise. The dress has button holes and is laced with ribbon. The under skirt has a draw string waist. 
Dress       $65.00
Chemise   $26.00
Skirt       $20.00
Plain white apron with draw string waist. Also made in calico fabric. Give length desired when ordering. and color.

         $8.00 ea      
  Chemise short sleeve     $22.00
  Vest                            $26.00
  Skirt                           $22.00
Woman's Cloak
We make cloaks from
wool, lined with cotton.
Heavy cotton with cotton lining (machine washable)
Velvet lined with satin (pictured).
Your choice of fabric,color,length,size.

Adult size         $120.00
Fur trim           $150.00
Youth                 $90.00
Fur trim            $120.00             
Sun Bonnet
18th century Working class
Two sizes 
Adult     $12.00
Child     $ 8.00

Ribbon Dresses
When the White man started trading cloth and blankets to the Indians, they started making dresses out wool & cotton.  They were made in solid and calico fabrics in many different colors.
The tab on the bottom represents the deer foot.  
Ribbon Dresses
Come in wool, calico or solid colors. We make them in all sizes.

Cotton & Calico
Adult sizes ........$35.00
Child sizes.........$24.00

Wool w/cotton linning