The guys are wearing fall front pants made from heavy cotton or leather,and Their shirts are cotton.  The Gals are wearing leather dresses made from deer skins.  All these garments come in many different colors and sizes. Call us!!
    Here are some of our family members dressed in period clothing!.
Buckboard Trading Post
Traditional style capotes worn by most of the western tribes and mountain men, were made from wool blankets.  We make them in all sizes and colors that are period correct. 

These capote that Seth is wearing and the one on the right are made from a wool blanket, they both have a hood and ties in front. They are  trimmed with deer leather fringe on shoulders and pockets.

​Adult size w/leather fringe $150.00
Adult size without leather $120.00
Child size  wo/leather   $ 75.00
Child size w/leather      $100.00
These capotes are  both button front with deer horn buttons.  Grandpa's capote is made from a grey blanket , trimed with deer leather fringe. It has a large lay down colar.
Little Cheyenne's capote is made from a blue wool blanket .  Her capote has a hood trimmed with coyote fur.
                                Adult size w/leather $150.00
                        Child size w/fur or leather $90.00
                       Adult size without leather $120.00
​               Child size without fur or leather $75.00
Men's Broad Fall Trousers
Made in heavy cotton , ajustable waist gusset, pewter or deer horn buttons.  Regular or full seat.  Give waist measurement and length.

Youth....  $45.00
Men's Shirts
Mountain man dropped shoulder shirts  are made in calico, osnaburg, or linen. 
and are availaable in many colors & sizes . 
Men's                     $35.00
Youth                     $22.00
Linen for price
Men's Long Hunter Shirts
are made like the mountain man shirts except they are 8" longer and made in plaid cotton fabric or osnaburg.
Men's           $40.00
Youth          $25.00
Leather Pants
They come in broad fall or button fly.
Plain or with fringe.
Give waist and length measurements. Price
depends on size, leather  used and style of pants.  We will make you a pair out of your leather !!  
Call and talk to us about what you want !
Available $225.00